Software Engineering

Realtime Communications and Audio/Video Processing
Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
iPhone, iPad

Kevin Packard

the blackfrog software years redux, 2013 - present

blackfrog web site - an ongoing experiment of self-promotion.
Unannounced Project - an unannounced application for the iPhone. More information coming soon.
With tap tap tap
Convert - A Unit Converter and complete Scientific Calculator for the iPhone. Designed by tap tap tap, the software was developed by blackfrog. Uses a 256-bit precision floating-point engine to achieve an extremely high degree of accuracy. Version 1 released in 2009, and reached #2 in the App Store. Version 2 released in October, 2013.
By tap tap tap
MacRail / ImageAnalyst - a scriptable machine vision based image quality measurement and analysis system, originally called Autovision, with roots back to the late 1970′s. In 2004, with another engineer, undertook the arduous task of bringing MacRail to OS X. From 2005 to 2012, provided occasional bug-fixes and patches. In 2013, began a 64-bit port of the application and image-processing algorithms, with UI elements rewritten in Cocoa. Optimizing code for time-constrained performance.
By Microscan
Opposition - an analytical game of skill and deception. Invented in the 1970’s by a high school math teacher in Alaska named Bob Packard. Bob happens to be my father. He used to make the game boards out of mahogany in his wood shop, then he’d take my brother & I to school where we’d beat his calculus students. I’m bringing the game to the iPad and iPhone.

the ShoreTel years, 2009 - 2013

ShoreTel Mobility - Spent a few months with the Mobility team, evaluating the ShoreTel mobility app for usability. Worked with an outside design group to produce a brand new user interface for ShoreTel Mobility 7.
By ShoreTel
480 and 420 IP Desk Phone Families - a series of embedded Linux desk phones, developed in-house by ShoreTel. Was the first engineer hired for the newly created Phone Software team. Evaluated SOC’s, selected the embedded graphics framework, and architected a single, reusable code base from which the 485g, 480g, 480, and 420 desk phones are built.
By ShoreTel

the blackfrog software years, 1996 - 2009

Scopia Desktop - a desktop video conferencing solution. Developed Mac OS X video endpoint using blackfrog software’s PComm framework. Implemented QuickTime plugins for OS X and Windows to decode H.239 content video, using Intel’s IPP libraries. Added encryption (both SRTP and Encrypted RTP) to audio & video communication streams, in Windows & OS X clients, and in Windows/Linux server.
By Radvision Ltd.
adgrinder - a video advertisement creation, placement, and verification service. Developed an iPhone application that uploads photos & text to Aweli Inc.’s adgrinder service, then views server-generated video. Developed server process that dynamically constructs an MPEG-4 movie from a movie template, still images, and text.
By Aweil, Inc.
Scheduling Kiosk - kiosk software that displays live scheduling data, interspersed with promotional videos and photos, driven by an extensible multimedia engine. Displayed on flat screen televisions throughout the Real School facility.
For The Real School of Music
MediaShare - a family of products that enable a new class of real-time multimedia services for mobile operators. Tuned and standardized RTP stack, debugged and performed general maintenance of Symbian S60 IMS Video Share client. Extended open source project pjsip to signal H.263 video.
By Aylus Networks
Carrier-Asterisk - a subscriber provisioning system that manages a farm of Asterisk PBX servers.
By SentitO Networks
Coherent Informatics - a tool for real time video conferencing and collaboration over the public Internet. Architected a scalable SIP-based network for authentication, location, and load-balancing services. Implemented portable clients & servers communications stacks, for signaling audio, video, and collaboration data. Implemented RTP streaming using QuickTime on OS X.
By the Health Communications Research Consortium
SccIP - a service for routing data and fax calls on the internet. SccIP uses SIP call signaling over TLS. Architected SIP signaling for provisioning, authentication, location, billing, and load-balancing services. Implemented portable SIP stack that ran on any 32-bit Windows kernel (client side), and on Linux (server side).
By, Inc.

- a collaboration service providing secure Audio, Video and Data communications across a private, reliable network. Implemented a time-critical RTP subsystem for voice and video over IP, using secondary interrupts, on Mac OS 9. The architecture abstracted the network from the underlying operating system, for easy porting to other platforms. Implemented a multi-point SIP stack.
By TeraGlobal Communications Corp.

- an video/audio conferencing system for IP networks, originally developed at Cornell University. Redesigned and optimized audio and video subsystems. Designed and implemented C++ framework for core engine. Implemented Motion-JPEG QuickTime codec from open source library. Assisted in debugging Apple’s H.263 QuickTime codec. Assisted third party video camera manufacturers in debugging their vdigs, including Apple, iRez, ATI, and TrueVision. CU-SeeMe product awards include PC Computing's 1998 A-List Award, 5-Star Shareware award, CTI Magazine's 1997 Editors' Choice, and Internet World's Best of the Net 1997
By White Pine Software

the Workstation Technologies years, 1992 - 1996

Chameleon - H.320 video conferencing system on a single card, for NuBus, PCI, and ISA bus systems (MacOS and Windows 3.1). Card includes video and audio digitizing, compression, framing, and ISDN communications. Available for OEM. Customers include Nortel, Corel, VTEL, NASA, and Apple Computer.
By Workstation Technologies
VISIT Video - a video conferencing system for digital telephone lines, version 3.0 by Northern Telecom, v3.0 September 1996; v2.1 September 1995; v2.0 March 1994; v1.0 June 1992.
By Workstation Technologies
MoonRaker QuickTime - Moonraker is a video/audio digitizer card for movie capture and real-time video effects, developed prior to the release of QuickTime. MoonRaker QuickTime is the set of software components to adapt this card to QuickTime, released in July 1992.
By Workstation Technologies
WTI-PrimeTime - a television tuner controlled via the Apple Desktop Bus (MacOS) or serial port (Windows 3.1), released in October 1992. Fully scriptable and recordable via AppleEvents. First exposure to the object model of OOP design.
By Workstation Technologies

the Custom Software years, 1988 - 1992

MacTools Disk Optimizer - a disk utility that consolidates files and free space on a volume, improving disk performance; version 1.0 published by Central Point Software as part of MacTools Deluxe in 1989; v2.0 in 1992.
Shotgun - a high speed file name and file content searching utility. Documents were displayed in native fonts and text styles. Never published, because Apple released System 7 with high speed file searching built into Finder. Was a great exercise in OOP programming without a C++ compiler.
XTreeMac - a disk organization utility and Finder replacement; version 1.0 published by XTree Company in 1988, version 1.02 in 1989. A miserable failure, yet a great lesson in the importance of market research, because who wants to replace Finder? Still, the technology lived on to seed some more successful products.