Software Engineering

Realtime Communications and Audio/Video Processing
Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
iPhone, iPad

Kevin Packard

Opposition - an analytical game of skill and deception. Invented in the 1970’s by a high school math teacher in Alaska named Bob Packard.  Bob happens to be my father.  He used to make the game boards out of mahogany in his wood shop, then he’d take my brother & I to school where we’d thrash on his calculus students. I’m bringing the game to the iPad and iPhone.

At a Glance
blackfrog software provides custom software engineering services.

Consider blackfrog software if you need:
• iPhone or iPad development
• conferencing or streaming solutions
• sound & image processing
• networking protocol development
• Mac OS X applications
• Mac OS X drivers

blackfrog software has experience developing portable software on a variety of platforms, including OS X, Linux, Windows, Symbian, iOS, and embedded systems.

Recently Completed:
• Convert - a unit converter and calculator designed by tap tap tap for the iPhone.
• ShoreTel 480 and 420 phone families - enterprise IP phones for ShoreTel phone systems.
• RADVISION’s SCOPIA Desktop - developed OS X desktop video conferencing endpoint using blackfrog's own PComm framework.
• Real School of Music's Scheduling Kiosk - software that displays live scheduling data mixed with an extensible multimedia engine.


blackfrog software, inc. is wholly owned and operated by Kevin Packard. Kevin has been playing with computers since 1979, developing commercial software since 1988, and has been working with audio and video since 1992. He began consulting in 1996, and established blackfrog software, inc. in 1999.

He’s currently developing iPhone apps with tap tap tap, and contributes to Microscan's ImageAnalyst, a machine-vision-based image quality and analysis tool.

He also has some interesting side-projects, including PComm (a portable framework for developing custom audio, video, and networking solutions), Opposition (an analytical game of skill and deception, coming to iPhone & iPads soon), and a Telecine Film Transfer tool for frame-perfect rips from projected 8mm or super8 film.

Recently Completed Projects...

A Unit Converter and complete Scientific Calculator for the iPhone.

Designed by tap tap tap, the software was developed by blackfrog.

Uses a 256-bit precision floating-point engine to achieve an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Version 1 released in 2009, and reached #2 in the App Store. Version 2 released in October, 2013.

480 and 420 IP Desk Phone Families
A series of embedded Linux desk phones, developed in-house by ShoreTel. Was the first engineer hired for the newly created Phone Software team. Evaluated SOC’s, selected the embedded graphics framework, and architected a single, reusable code base from which the 485g, 480g, 480, and 420 desk phones are built.

adgrinder - Aweli, Inc.
A video advertisement creation, placement, and verification service. Developed an iPhone application that uploads photos & text to Aweli Inc.’s adgrinder service, then downloads and plays the server-generated video. Also developed the back-end process that creates an MPEG-4 movie from Quartz Composer templates, plus the still photos uploaded from the adgrinder iPhone application.
By Aweil, Inc.

MediaShare - a family of products that enable a new class of real-time multimedia services for mobile operators. Tuned and standardized RTP stack, debugged and performed general maintenance of Symbian S60 IMS Video Share client. Extended open source project pjsip to signal H.263 video.
By Aylus Networks

Scopia Desktop - a desktop video conferencing solution. Developed Mac OS X video endpoint using blackfrog software’s PComm framework. Implemented QuickTime plugins for OS X and Windows to decode H.239 content video, using Intel’s IPP libraries. Added encryption (both SRTP and Encrypted RTP) to audio & video communication streams, in Windows & OS X clients, and in Windows/Linux server.
By Radvision Ltd.

Scheduling Kiosk - Real School of Music
Kiosk software that displays live scheduling data, interspersed with promotional videos and photos, driven by an extensible multimedia engine. Displayed on flat screen televisions throughout the Real School facility.

The Video Appliance is an example project created from blackfrog software’s PComm Framework. The Video Appliance integrates with any existing telephone PBX, and adds IP video conferencing in parallel with the telephone call. Use your phone normally: call someone who also has a Video Appliance and you’re in a video call. The Open Source PBX Asterisk powers the back end.

PComm Framework - Multi-platform, standards-based communication framework for rapidly developing visually stunning networking, audio, and video applications. PComm is available for licensing under a very liberal source code license.

Telecine Film Transfer
A free open-source tool for stop-frame transfer of film to the digital miniDV movie format.

The Telecine Film Transfer tool eliminates jumping frames and other unpleasant side affects when capturing projected film with an unsynchronized camera.

1. Project 8mm or super8 film at 5 frames per second.
2. Capture the projection with a standard digital camcorder at 30 frames per second.
3. Post-process with Telecine Film Transfer into a pristine 18 fps movie.

Dabbling with the idea of using the 120 fps camera of the iPhone 5s to rip a pristine movie from a standard 18 fps projected image. With this approach, no projector modifications are required. Mount the iPhone 5s on a tripod, point it at the movie screen, and turn on the projector for a perfect telecine transfer.

Current Projects...

An unannounced iOS application with tap tap tap.
More information will be available as soon as possible.

MacRail / Image Analyst
A scriptable machine vision based image quality measurement and analysis system, originally called Autovision, with roots back to the late 1970′s. In 2004, with another engineer, undertook the arduous task of bringing MacRail to OS X. From 2005 to 2012, provided occasional bug-fixes and patches. In 2013, began a 64-bit port of the application and image-processing algorithms, with UI elements rewritten in Cocoa. Optimizing code for time-constrained performance. By Microscan

An analytical game of skill and deception. Invented in the 1970’s by a high school math teacher in Alaska named Bob Packard.  Bob happens to be my father.  He used to make the game boards out of mahogany in his wood shop, then he’d take my brother & I to school where we’d beat his calculus students. I’m bringing the game to the iPad and iPhone.

Communications, VoIP, Conferencing, and Streaming

blackfrog software has participated in the development of several commercial Video Conferencing systems, including SIP, H.323, H.320, and XMPP compliant systems.  Developed SIP protocol stack (RFC 2543) for Linux, and Windows kernel. Developed second multipoint SIP stack for Linux, OS X, and Windows clients/servers. Implemented real-time RTP stacks (RFC 1889, 1890) for three OS X products. Developed portable BEEP (RFC 3080) and STUN (RFC 3489) stacks. Experience with ITU’s H.323 and H.320 umbrella specifications. Experience with RTSP (RFC 2326) streaming protocol, Experience with ISDN.

Open Source and Open Standards

blackfrog software has experience with the Asterisk PBX, the OpenH323 project, pjsip, oSIP, Reciprocate, the VOVIDA SIP stack, PWLib, ptypes, ACE, the Darwin RTSP Streaming Server, ffmpeg, and the Qt framework. Dabbled with OPAL. Experience with Intel’s Integrated Performance Principals (IPP) library, which includes open source supplements for developing many standards-based audio and video codecs and processing units.

The Telecine Film Transfer project is a free open-source project developed and hosted by blackfrog software.

Mobile Software

Developed Convert, an iPhone app which went to #2 in the app store. Worked with the ShoreTel Mobility team to analyze their product for usability, and worked with an outside design firm to create an all-new Mobility 7 user interface. Contributed to an IMS Video Share client on the Symbian S60 platform for Aylus Networks. Developed an iPhone application for Aweli Inc.’s adgrinder system. Added video signaling and streaming to the mobile VoIP open source project pjsip. Dabbled with the Android SDK.

Realtime Audio/Video

Implemented QuickTime components for five families of products, including components for video digitizing, video compression/decompression, file import, media handling, RTP reassembly, and movie control. Some components implemented for both OS X and Windows. Implemented real-time audio/video encode/decode engines for three products using QuickTime.

Developed a server-side demon to dynamically generate MPEG-4 movies from a Quartz composition.


Experience with both the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks. Experience with many OS X technologies: Cocoa, Core Image, Core Video, Quartz Composer. Implemented a Mac OS X PCI driver for an image capture card.

Embedded Linux

Designed an embedded Qt / Linux code base, used to develop four SIP-enabled VoIP phones in ShoreTel’s new 480 and 420 lines of desk phones. Evaluated SOC’s, selected the Qt framework, and architected a reusable code-base for building not only the initial four phones, but future SIP phones as well.